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The following three categories of services are provided:

Swript, alternatively named Swript Professional Services (SwriptPS), does not delegate orders submitted by its client to third-parties, and this ensures that all work is done in-house thus guaranteeing the quality of the work that is submitted to clients. This also assures the client that his/her requests and orders are subject to applicable confidentiality clauses, which mandate that his/her orders are not processed by third-parties, nor can third-parties access his/her work and details, unlike competitor firms that hire third-party writers to complete client orders.

Academic Support

Any form of professional writing is done to show that we understand the topic we are writing about, and can communicate this knowledge through writing. This website has a series of summarized notes called Shortnotes, and these are basically Lecture Notes. The Lecture Notes allows you to judge whether the information presented in the website is correct and conforms to current standards of knowledge. Additionally, they help you revise or refresh your knowledge, as well as learn new concepts. At times, you may need more information on a specific topic or subject, and we can offer you assistance to master the topic or subject. You can request this assistance as academic support.


Do you want your book, indie film, or newly-developed computer game to be reviewed in a professional context? 

About software reviews, the reviews are not meant to be marketing pieces nor are they in a marketing tone. The focus of each software review is to highlight the features of the program, its programming principle, how it works, what it is meant to do, and potential bugs, as well as other potential uses it has beyond what the creator intended.