This unit reviews and critically analyzes books, films, software, and computer games. There are 3 key variables that are considered during these reviews, and they are the content (which is the primary variable), style of presentation of content, and the validity and authenticity of the reviewed content. For works of fiction, the principle of realism or naturalism is used to model or benchmark the content, and evaluate how well the actions of its characters approximate to real-world actions. This reduces the need to prioritize scenes in fictional acts, while simultaneously shifting focus to human agency and conscious will to make decisions and act on those decisions. Likewise, priority is given to illusionistic realism. Even so, some of these variables and benchmarks do not apply to speculative fiction, including its subgenres such as fantasy literature, retrofuturism, and supernatural fiction.

Most of the computer games reviewed here are the games played by the individual reviewer and deemed meritorious for an in-depth review. Examples of such games include the Half-Life series, Metro series, Wolfenstein series, and the Crysis series of first-person shooter games. At times, game franchises such as the Metro franchise, which has novels in additions to its 3 games – Metro 2033, Metro: Last Light, and Metro Exodus – can be reviewed as either a franchise, written fiction (i.e novel review), or individual game review.

The review of non-fiction books prioritizes the authenticity of the content, theme cohesion, chronology of events, and objectivity of the arguments made by the author.

Among the film content reviewed are contents of selected feature films, indie films, documentaries, docudramas, and fiction films.

There are also feature reviews of software products, including operating systems and user programs.

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Please note that the review will NOT be salesy, and a professional tone and objective critique will be discernible throughout the review.

Excerpted Reviews

Below is a tiled summary of reviews that have been published.