Academic Papers

These are papers written in-house by Swript, alternatively Swript Professional Services (Swript PS), and published here for anyone to read, review, and/or appraise them. The topics and themes discussed in these papers are chosen in-house, and are not influenced by – nor related – to commissioned papers requested by our clients.​

Nonetheless, the reader can expect to receive papers of similar quality and equivalent comprehensiveness if a request is made for commissioned work, which can include request for academic support for writing a term paper, thesis, research paper, essay, case study, or presentation among other academic documents.

All the published papers are the property of Swript PS, and it is prohibited to copy any of its content, unless appropriate citation and reference are duly made, along with a hyperlink to the source webpage (that contains the content).


The papers published here are the text versions that do not support nor conform to formatting rules set by the different reference styles. To get the appropriately referenced and formatted paper, please click on the download link at the end of the web document to download the PDF version of the paper. Also, the content is color coded to denote the weighted value/importance of the information as follows:

* Indigo – Key Point.

* Teal – Notable Information.


The papers that have been published are excerpted below in summary tiles.